A small group of passionate PHP developers based in Leeds and the surrounding area. We meet up once a month to discuss PHP, the web and related tech. And drink beer. And eat chips, etc.

April 2015

19:00, 20th April 2015
Following on from our month off in March, this meetup will be a social event - a catch up and discussion about PHP and it's recent developments, coupled with a chat regarding improvements to the LeedsPHP group.

March 2015

N/A, 16th March 2015
We're taking a break this month to reorganise a few things. Rest assured we'll be back in April! Read on for more info.

February 2015

19:00, 16th February 2015 by Tom Hudson
This month Tom Hudson will be live-coding a Virtual Machine in PHP.

January 2015

19:00, 19th January 2015 by Martyn Ranyard
Happy New Year! Leeds PHP returns on Monday 19th January at 19:00 in the Adelphi. This month we have Martyn Ranyard presenting "OwnCloud - is deGoogling hard?"

November 2014

19:00, 17th November 2014 by Iain Cambridge

Writing effective tests with behat by Iain Cambridge

The key to an effective test suite is writing good scenarios. During this talk we'll look at an example of an extremely badly written scenario and the steps to making it better - resulting in something that is usable and valuable as a test. By the end we should know a little more about how to write contexts for effective tests.

October 2014

19:00, 20th October 2014 by Lorna Mitchell
This month, Lorna Mitchell will be running a "Choose your own adventure" session on Git, covering some of the more advanced or lesser known features of the popular version control system.

September 2014

19:00, 15th September 2014 by Dave Marshall
Join us on Monday 15th September at 7pm in the Adelphi for talks by Sam Holman, "Using Ansible to automate a Tmux & Vim based development environment" and Dave Marshall, "Mocks Aren't Stubs, Fakes, Dummies or Spies".

August 2014

19:00, 18th August 2014 by Michael Heap
The weather seems to have taken a turn for the worse, so why not join us on Monday 18th August, back in our home venue of the Adelphi (now with a fresh lick of paint!) for an evening of beer, chat and two awesome talks!

July 2014

19:00, 21st July 2014 by Stephen Melrose
This month we have Stephen Melrose who will be talking about how building an application is only half the battle. Anyone who’s taken an application from development to production will tell you that it’s not as simple as it sounds. Stephen will talk about an application he recently built and deployed at Sky Bet and focuses on some of the steps that need to be taken in order to put an application into production, such as load testing and monitoring, and some of the enablers around them.

June 2014

19:00, 16th June 2014 by Richard McIntyre
We have two talks again this month:

Richard McIntyre talks about building a RESTful web app using BEAR.Sunday and Angular.js, followed by Sebastian Marek discussing Code Club.